Welcome to Sunway Pharm Ltd. !

We overcome the problems in the production and development process continuously via gathering the technical strength of the team. We also provide customized research and development (Contract Research Organization, CRO), custom production (Contract Manufacture Organization, CMO), custom development and production (Contract Development Manufacture Organization, CDMO) and API process technology commissioned research and development services for small molecule pharmaceutical intermediates, based on advanced facilities and equipment and rich project management experience.


Owing the ability to overcome the problems of the chemical custom synthesis and process 

Innovative synthesis route exploration

Process development and optimization

Process technology plan transfer

Being able to finish kilogram-level custom synthesis projects quickly

Pilot test and large-scale industrial production of key intermediates

Sustainably supply of high-quality compounds, with specifications ranging from grams to tons

The pilot platform, which can scale up and produce 1-10 kilograms per batch

Rich project management experience, to help customers achieve smooth progress from pre-clinical research and development to industrialized mass production through seamless technology docking

The production platform, which is equipped with a multi-functional production line to ensure efficient and stable production capacity