Welcome to Sunway Pharm Ltd. !

The high quality and reliable service are highlighted in our company, and the proved capabilities make us stand out in this field. However, if the product does not perform as described under correct operation, we will provide a replacement within 10 working days upon receipt of products.

Please follow the instructions below when returning products:

1. Purchaser shall not return products without prior negotiation with Seller;

2. Seller reserves the right to inspect Products at Purchaser's site and/or require disposal instead of return;

3. All returns must be in compliance with Seller's instructions and may be subject to a restocking charge;

4. Certain Products (e.g. diagnostic reagents; refrigerated or frozen products; custom Products or special orders) may not be returned if the circumstances not caused by Seller;

5. Title to returned Products shall transfer to Seller upon acceptance at the facility designated by Seller;

6. Any returned Products must be in their original packaging with the original label affixed, and unaltered in form and content;

7. Invoice number and other related documents are necessary to promote the return in time, so please send to Seller at your convenience;

8. Return shipping fee for disqualified product is at Seller's expense.

If no need to replace, the refund amount will be transferred to your online account for next order or bank account within 7 working days, if required.