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Product NO. CB00392 CAS NO. 1071-83-6 丨 Molecular formula C3H8NO5P 丨 Molecular weight 169.07 丨 MDL
2-((Phosphonomethyl)amino)acetic acid;N-Phosphonomethyl-glycine;N-(phosphonomethyl)gtycine;Glyphosate S.P.;(Carboxymethylamino)methylphosphonic acid;Phosphonomethylaminoacetic acid;N-Phosphomethylglycine;Bronco;Glyphosate;DIN 38407-22 Glyphosate and AMPA;N-(Phosphonomethyl)glycine;Glifocas;Glysate;N-(PhosphonoMethyl)glycine solution;N-phosphonomethylglycine acid;phosphonomethyl glycine;Roundup;Landmaster;Pondmaster;Ranger;Rattler 4AS;Roundup 2.5;Sting;AMMO;BRAKE;ASSET;sting;RAUDO;rodeo;sonic;TOTAL;bronco
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English name 2-((Phosphonomethyl)amino)acetic acid
CAS NO. 1071-83-6
Molecular formula C3H8NO5P
Molecular weight 169.07
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